Audi R8

Hey guys my next is about the Audi R8! The Audi R8 is a v8 6 speed manual 2 door sports car and my second favourite car compared to the mclaren f1. The Audi R8’s top speed is 301 km/h and 0-100 in 4.4 seconds. it cost about  $270,000! AU dollars Audi also made the audi r8 gt3 the racing version. It has over 500 bhp and is has a v10 engine


V8 supercars round 4 Falken tasmania challenge

Hey guys my next post is going to be about the Falken tasmania challenge. Last year it was whincup dominating. But this year Garth Tander won the first race witch was 42 laps. In second was Russel Ingall and third was Steven Johnson. Poor frosty got 16th. in the second race witch was 84 it was whincup all the way in second was Will Davison third was Fabian Coulthard. Frosty was so close to getting on the podium just getting overtaken by Fabian with 3 laps to go! Next event is the Skycity triple crowne at hidden valley raceway in Darwin In 17 days.

cya cc

bye bye Terry Wallace

Hey guys is sad to say that Terry Wallace the Richmond coach will not be coaching the tigers any more. He will coach his last game against the Western Bulldogs the team he started his coaching career with. He said he would play his last game against the Western Bulldogs not very long after Richmonds close win over fremantle. His last game will be his 501st game as player and coach. Sowe will miss you here at tigerland Terry Wallace thanks for being a great coach!

cya cc

Oh Where from Tigerland!

Hey guys my next post is going to be about the tigers nail biting win over fremantle. the final score was. Richmond:17.13 (115) fremantle: 17.10 (112). It was a close match most of the game. In the third quarter though Richmond kicked 8 goals straight to give them a lead of 33 points! But fremantle kicked 3 goals to make it 15 points and three quarter time. Richard Tambling kicked the firt goal in 30 seconds and it looked like the tiges had a win. Until fremantle took the lead late in the game. Then Richmond got the ball and kicked it to mitch morton who played on and kicked the goal! I was watching the match at home with my mum and i was yelling and chreeing! But it wasnt over yet fremantle got the ball inside there fifty. then Jack Riewoldt got the ball. But kicked it on the full so fremantle got the ball back just outside their fiffty. He passed the ball and the umpire said the ball didnt go 15 metres so play on. Then the siren went and i was so happy i was chreeing and yelling. The tigers players were so happy so ill leave you with this!  Oh, we’re from Tigerland, A fighting fury, we’re from Tigerland, In any weather you will see us with a grin, Risking head and shin, If we’re behind then never mind, We’ll fight and fight and win. For we’re from Tigerland,
We’ll never weaken ’til the final siren’s gone. Like the Tigers of old, We’re strong and we’re bold.
For we’re from Tiger yellow and black, For we’re from Tigerland. cya cc

Happy birthday mum

Hey guys my mum’s so lucky she gets mothers day. And then yesterday she had a birthday!!! Guess what she got for her birthday CHOCOLATE! (again she has to share some with me hehehe my brilliant plan for world domination is  working whoops forget that) So happy birthday to you happy birthday dear cc’s mum happy birthday to you. cya cc

Happy mothers day!!

hey hey guys as you know Sunday was mothers day yay! I brought my mum lots of chocolate (because she has to share some with me yay chocolates!) so blog and tell me what you brought your mum. so lets say thank you to our mums for all they have done. Like cleaning the house, making dinner, etc.  so thank you mum. cya cc




















Round 3 winton motor raceway

Hey guys my next post is going to be about round 3 of the V8’s at winton motor raceway in VIC. Whincups’s devastatingwin streak as been stopped my his teammate Craig lowndes. the first race was 33 laps and race 2 was 66. lowndes won race 1 and 2. Frosty finishing 2 in race 2 go Frosty! that put him in 12th with 396 points. Whincup still the top of the table with 804 point in second is Will Davison with 690. The next round is in 22 days and its the Falken Tasmania challenge. Thats right the v8’s are heading down here to tassie cant wait. well cya cc



V8 supercars round 2 Hamilton 400

hey guys round 2 kicked off on Saturday last week. Frosty got poll bye 00.01 seconds and whincup got second on the grid. But Whincup quickly overtook Frosty. the race was won by Whincup with frosty close in second and lee holdsworth got third.

 Then on Sunday the second and last race of Hamilton for this year kicked off. with Steven Johnson getting pole and his team mate getting in second on the grid. But again jamie whincup was to good dominating Hamilton. 2 races 2 wins. while Frosty crashed on the first lap. 


Opening round V8 supercars adelaide clipsal 500

Hey guys my next post is going to be about the opening round  of the v8 supercars at adelaide. Jamie Whincup came first in all 3 races so he took all 300 points. What a way to start to defend your v8 champion title! in second was Will Davison and thrid was Lee Holdsworth. And frosty is in 18th. 

cya cc      



VIC bushfire and QLD floods

hey guys now some sad things. First the Vic bushfiresover 1000 homes destroyed 180 people confirmed dead and people missing. some of the fires are still raging some were deliberately lit others weren’t. 1 of them was caught. now the Qld floods at the other end of the country in qld flood are still going there. so lots of bad natural disasters are happening.               

so lets hope that they floods clear up and fires stop. and now lets say thank you to the firemen and woman who risked there lives to fight the fires so thank you! and keep up the good work cya cc